Why Do Parents Choose to Send Their Child to A Private School?

To enable their children to survive the cut-throat race in this ever changing and competitive world, more and more parents are considering private schooling their children. Here are some of the benefits that private schools have over public schools:

Enriched Academic Opportunities

Perhaps the greatest benefit of private schools is that they offer challenging and exceptional educational experiences through gifted programs, International Baccalaureate programme, and extracurricular activities. Advanced placement courses and a plethora of other rigorous academic programs are something these US curriculum schools in Dubai are most popular for.

You can compare for yourself the AP courses offered at boarding schools and local day schools, with those offered at your local public schools. Private schools offer more than 34 AP courses, and most schools provide students with the option of choosing from between 10 and 20 AP courses. A private school is your best solution, especially if you feel like your child doesn’t want to pursue or cannot excel in a commonly offered AP course. At private schools, these AP courses are taught effectively by teaching experts who are well-versed in presenting their subject matter. Also, when students work in science labs, they learn how to concentrate.

Your Child Will Be Educated According To Specific Religious Beliefs

When deciding between private and public schools, this is a commonly considered factor. By law, religion isn’t part of a public school education. This is why, you should choose private schooling if you deem it important to incorporate strong religious education in your child’s upbringing. Keep in mind that private schools also vary in their degree of imparting religious education. Some religious schools place a great stress on educating students in their religious beliefs. They routinely include worship and daily religious classes. On the other hand, there are schools which are particularly linked to a religious sect or other. The options are endless.

Parental Involvement

Private schools lay a heavy emphasis on building open communication between administration and parents, and they make it their responsibility to make sure that parents are actively involved in the community. From frequent social events such as family camping weekends and parent breakfasts, and parent-teacher meetings to participation of parents in fundraising initiatives, these schools make certain that parents become an important part of the child’s education. In fact, a great way of strengthening parent-child relationship is through common ground. Click here to learn more benefits of private schools for your child.