Received rude comments on social networks? Here’s what you need to do

The number of unsatisfied, sometimes angry and agitated users on social networks is growing steadily. The only outlet these customers get is to express their views on social networking websites about insufficient services regarding different brands and products. Many times, these comments turn from a call for better customer service to outright attack on the brands endorsed by UAE social media influencers.

Whether your company is big or small, the damage of negative feedback is quite large. If you are using social media as a means of communication, then you would have to deal with two different types of displeased clientele:

  • Those who expected great services from you or great results from the products, but did not get what they expected. Such people just want to share their complaints and be acknowledged.
  • Those who utilize social media to mislead customers for your services and products. They do not worry about your responses to their complaints. They use this as a bait to make you come out and create a public scene.

Both of these unsatisfied customers provide you with an excellent opportunity to show off your care and amazing services to other independent parties; as well as, the excellence of your brand. This is the perfect time to secure old dissatisfied customers, in addition to impressing more people and turning them into your followers.

Here are a few tips that will help you properly react to such customers:

  1. Fast response – waiting can agitate and make the person get far angrier than before. So, be sure to tell the person that you are working on solving their problem.
  2. Keep your negative feelings lock up inside – do not counter anger with anger, it would make everything worse. Reacting in a positive manner to all the negative comments would highly impress other people who might be following the conversation.
  3. Create a personal relation – instruct your employees responsible for making posts on social networks to use either their names, initials or any other unique symbol that signifies a personal approach to the messages. Make sure that you respond to the customer with their name.
  4. Work out a solution – rather than just making false promises to calm down the customer, assure them that you are using all your resources to the best possible levels in such circumstances.
  5. Keep an offline contact – the initiation of the conversation should be made through a public declaration so that everyone knows that you are active in solving the problem. The rest of the conversation can be made through personal emails or through Twitter.

Once the solution is worked out, remember to share it on the network. Keeping silent would result in no one knowing about your negotiations and solutions. This is the perfect moment to show how good your customer services are. Visit for further details.