Characteristics A Short Term Recruitment Agency Should Possess

The role of a staffing agency is crucial for companies and clients, as they are the ones who provide the talent and skilled individuals to perform and contribute to the company’s growth. Due to the same reason, companies and human resource departments should be vigilant on choosing the right agency to partner with.

If you are looking into partnering with a recruitment firm, here are some traits you need to look into.


  • Transparent and honest


Apart from the service they provide, companies and Human Resource teams are always looking for contractors and suppliers who are honest and straightforward. Why? Because it shows that a contractor is truthful to the agreement and if something went wrong, the supplier or contractor will take responsibility for the shortcomings.


In case of a short term recruitment agency, the firms must answer for any bad hires that they will provide to their clients and take responsibility for what the employee has done. This would mean giving compensation to rectify the situation.



  • Reliable and dependable


Sometimes, companies and recruiters are in a rush to find replacement for a specific post ASAP. Since the usual recruitment process can take long, they will rely on the expertise of a recruitment agency. In these cases, the staffing agency must be able to answer the call and provide the necessary staff that the client needs.


To be able to address the needs of their clients, the staffing agency must be a solid database of skilled individuals to recommend to their clients.


  • Rigid sourcing and recruitment process


Since the staffing agency is in the business of providing talents, they need to ensure that everyone on their database is skilled and right-fit for the job. Hence, their recruitment process must be rigid and solid. They should be able to test applicants before they turn them over to their respective clients. Apart from checking the skills, they need to ensure that the applicants have an excellent work ethic.


  • Committed to serve


The servicing of a staffing agency should not end on providing the staff, but should go beyond that. It be committed in this kind of work and service is to check from time to time if they are meeting the standards of their clients. They should be able to answer every concerns that the client might relay to them with proactiveness and enthusiasm.


  • Comprehensive reporting


Being a good communicator goes on both ways. In dealing with employers and clients, the staffing agency must be able to provide complete report and details when the client ask them to. There are instances when clients ask for data as part of their reporting. In terms of dealing with the applicants, the staffing agency should be able to provide a complete job description and company profile to recommended applicants so they will have an idea what the job entails.

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